boards, bikes, bikinis and everything in-between!

SKUNTD can mean many things nowadays but was originally old school slang for when you were about to get in deep shit! 

As kids we used to love revving up the crew if they stuffed up and were about to get SKUNTD! It was just part of reassuring your mates that regardless of what happens we got your back and will be there to stir you up and hopefully make the fallout feel a little bit better

These days SKUNTD is all about having your back by producing and showcasing the best of street style and action moments! 

Our range of premium apparel is designed to take a beating over and over again but still look Hollywood at the end of the day. We create that ever reliable bit of gear that you can always just grab, throw on and be ready to go out and get amongst it!

We also aim to create and share the best media from all around the globe with the purpose of flaunting all types of action eye candy regardless of your taste buds. So if you wanna see skaters, surfers, BMX, Moto X, snowboarding, action athletes, bikini babes or anyone that just loves to go hard.. well then we have got your fix!

So follow our socials, purchase some gear and rip it till you flip it!